Will my baby fit in the crib?
What comes with the pack?
How do I fold the crib back up?
Is there a pocket for dirty diapers?
Is the material polyester or nylon?
How do I wash the pack?

The crib when expanded is 30” long. This supports the average baby up to 10-12 months.

The diaper bag comes with one washable nap/changing mat, and two universal stroller/shopping cart hooks.

1 ~ The crib is supported by two white poles. Grip the two exposed white sections of pole 1 and pull apart in the middle to loosen.

2 ~ Fold pole 1 inward. Repeat the steps with pole 2 to create an X shape with the poles.

3 ~ Push the bag closed and zip the back to the front. *Do not force poles closed as they may snap.

Yes! The backpack has a wet & dry separated pocket inside for dirty diapers, wet towels, or messy clothes.

The pack is made of 900D polyester. 900D is the density and thickness of the material. A typical diaper bag or backpack is made of 300D or 600D materials. The larger the number, the more durable the material.

The 900D polyester water-repellent material is easy to hand clean with just soap and water, no need to machine wash.


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