Our Little Story

We're Shane & Stephanie

Behind every brilliant parenting solution is a frustrated parent who had a problem and decided to do something about it.

As avid travelers, we love to be on-the-go, but planning for every possible “what-if” scenario means our baby usually has more baggage than we do.

We believe that traveling and preparing for those once-in-a-lifetime memories with your baby should inspire more ​ “awws” ​ than​ “ughs.”


The ​#INSPO​ behind Baby Got Pack.

Picture this​... A single mom hustling through the airport—baby strapped to her chest, two cross-body diaper bags on each side of her body, choking her, and pushing a double stroller with one hand, while carrying a mini portable crib in the other. (We won’t even mention the two toddlers running wild…)

Did your anxiety just go up a little? Because ours did, watching it in real life.

A Solution

Designed by parents, for parents.

Baby Got Pack was designed with that mom in mind​—along with the millions of moms and dads who have been in her shoes.

Baby Got Pack was also designed with health-conscious parents in mind.​ In today’s pandemic world, laying your baby down on a public surface really isn’t an option.

Our diaper bag with built-in crib offers a ​CONVENIENT​ and ​SANITARY​ solution so that you have the freedom and confidence to give your baby a safe place to lay down, anytime, anywhere.


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